Quick Detach Clasp (QDC)

Quick Detach Clasp (QDC)

This is the original design by Warrior Tech LLC.  The QDC attaches 1" tethers and slings to the tactical rail.  Use is simple.  The operator squeezes the protuding pads of the locking arms then hooks the "Whiskey" or upper portion of the device to the tactical rail.  The operator then pulls down on the "Tango" portion separating the the "Whiskey" half of the device from the "Tango" half.  The Tango portion is then lowered to the same plane as "Whiskey" and released.  The QDC snaps onto the tactical rail and locks in place.  All parts are redundant, stainless steel or aluminum and Made in the USA.  The device is finished black to prevent glare and for further corosion resistance.  The QDC will provide you years of reliable service and was awarded a patent from the USPTO on December 2, 2014.

The QDC is NOT part of the QDS.  It is an independent device for use with 1" slings.

US Patent Number 8,898,949

Check out this video:    http://youtu.be/v2GWIKvNOKA

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Quick Detach Clasp™
Attaches anywhere on a tactical rail Locks securely in place Cannot be removed in..
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